Mannlicher M95 Rifles and Carbines Accessories

These accessories are for the Mannlicher M1895 Rifles and Carbines


Sniper Rifle Scopes

A small quantity of sniper rifles were produced during WW1 by both Steyr and Budapest

EA. XI is Erzeugungs Abteilung 9 (Production Department 9)
'C. Reichert Wien' = Optische Werke C. Reichert, Wien, Austria

Night Sight Attachment

Courtesy of John Wall & WaPrf2 of Gunboards
The Night Sight was a WW1 accessory to the M.95 rifle. The rear sight attachment is a small brass plate that secures under the rear sight leaf. The front sight attachment is a device that clamps around the M.95's own front sight base.

Grenade Launcher Sight Attachment

Courtesy of Prez1981 on Gunboards
The Grenade Launcher Sight Attachment was mounted on the front band, replacing the stacking hook.

Standard M.95 Bayonets

M1895 knife bayonet. 360mm overall, 248mm blade length. Grips held by rivets and spanner nuts. Steyr made bayonets stamped 'OEWG', Budapest made bayonets stamped 'F.G.GY.'. Original bayonets were not serial numbered.

Auxiliary front sight on top of the muzzle ring. This compensated for the change in point-of-impact caused by firing the Stutzen with the bayonet fixed. The effect was much more marked in the short-barrel Stutzens than the full-length rifles. Some experts do not accept the change in point-of-impact reasoning, however they do not provide an alternate explanation for the muzzle ring sight.

Most bayonet pictures are courtesy of Old Smithy's Bayonets

F.G.GY. (Fegyver s GpGYr, Budapest) Hungarian made and marked M95 bayonet and scabbard

Hungarian Budapest 1916 and St.Stephan's Crest acceptance stamped M95 bayonet

Austrian Steyr made 'OEWG' marked M95 bayonet

Austrian 'BMF' (Berndorfer Maschinen Fabrik made) stamped M95 bayonet

Austrian Ludwig Zeitler, Wien marked M95 bayonet

Unknown, probably Austrian M95 bayonet

German made bayonets show the manufacturer's name (such as 'Ernst Busch Solingen') on the blade. German accepted bayonets have a 'W [crown] date' on the blade. The electro-penciled serial number indicates Bulgarian use.

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M95 Bayonet Frogs:


Boxer primed cases for the 8x50R are available from Huntington and Old Western Scrounger. The 8x50R uses a .323-.324 dia bullet, 245gr FMJ RN (Nickel jacket). The 7.62x54r cases can be formed into 8X50R.

En-Block Clip Markings - by Zeliard

Cleaning Rod

Muzzle Protector

Other Info

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