Mannlicher M.95 Rifles and Carbines in Greece

Greece - Mannlicher M1895 Rifle, Stutzen & Carbine

These guns were most likely captured by Greece from Bulgaria or carried in by escaping Yugoslavian Partizans. Caliber 8x50R
Greek official stamp, St.George killing a dragon, is typically found on these weapons. Rare finds

Bayonets were made by Steyr, Austria, and FN, Belgium. 360mm overall, 248mm blade length. Muzzle ring 14mm dia. The greek official stamp can be found on the pommel (St.George & the dragon).

Greece/Serbia - Mannlicher M.95/24 Short Rifle

Caliber 7.92x57mm Mauser, Magazine 5rd charger loaded
Overall length 1097mm (43.2"), Barrel length 594mm (23.4"), Weight 3.6kg (8 lbs)
Quantity: Est. 7500
Not all sources agree on the origin of these short rifles.
Most likely these M95/24 rifles are of Serbian origin, and were carried to Greece by Serbian forces escaping from the Germans during WW2.
Possibly these Mannlichers were converted by Yugoslavia for Greece pre-WW2. These M.95/24 guns are very similar to the Yugoslavian M95M conversions.
According to some sources these guns were converted by Steyr, Austria and/or FN, Belgium after WW1 for Greece. FN converted rifles should carry Belgian proofs, however no Belgian marked M95/24's have been reported.
If you have an M95/24 marked gun please check for Belgian or cyrillic markings and notify the author. Also, let us know if you have one with a serial above 6300
These short rifles are longer than the standard M.95 carbines and have a Mauser style front and rear sights with wrap around handguard. The receiver bridges were machined for the Mauser style charger clip. The receivers were marked 'M.95/24'.
Greek M95/24's captured by Germany during WW2 received the following official German designation: 'Karabiner 505(g)' abbreviated 'K505(g)'. Another source provides a German designation as: 'Karabiner 494(g)' - Greich Mannlicher 95/24.
Note: The German designation of (g) from both sources strongly supports the theory that these are of Greek (Greich) origin.

These rifles have a clip altered for the 7.92mm cartridge and permanently fixed in their magazines and therefore can be loaded with the standard Mauser 5-round charger. The magazine-bottom openings were permanently closed, as shown on the upper rifle's mag, while the lower rifle has an original M95 mag.

The new barrel length and the front sight arrangement is similar to the Belgian FN24 Mausers. The original M95 nosecaps were retained to utilize the existing standard M.95 knife bayonets 360mm overall, 248mm blade length, 15mm muzzle ring.

The rear sight arrangement is similar to the Belgian FN24 Mausers. Tangent rear sight graduated 200-2000 meters.