Montenegrin Gasser Revolvers

M1880 Gasser Montenegrin Revolver

Type: Hinged-frame revolver
Made by Gasser, Vienna
Caliber: 11.3x36Rmm 'Montenegrin'
Barrel: 235mm or 133mm, rifled
Magazine: 6-chamber cylinder

The '2nd' Montenegrin Model, improved version of the 1st Montenegrin Revolver. The spent cartridges are withdrawn from the chambers by a star-shaped extractor and ejected simultaneously when the barrel is tipped. The locking latch is on the right side of the frame.
According to some sources, King (also referred to as Prince) Nicholas of Montenegro made the ownership of such revolvers mandatory for his male population. The King had a financial stake in the manufacturers. King Nicholas is said to have participated in the design of the auto-ejector. Montenegrin Gasser-style revolvers, however, were made by numerous small Belgian (cheaper quality revolvers) and Austrian firms, as well as by Leopold and Johann Gasser.

The non-Montenegrin version of this revolver was made in 9mm caliber.