Austro-Hungarian Gasser Revolves

M1870/74 Gasser Montenegrin Revolver (1st Model)

Type: open-frame revolver
Approx. 220,000 mfg, circa 1875-1880, by Gasser and in Belgium
Caliber: 11.3x36Rmm 'Short Montenegrin' or 11.3x51Rmm 'Long Montenegrin', also in 11.75mm
Other caliber: 11.2x29.5mm
Standard Model length overall: 325mm [12.6"]
Weight unladen: 1300g [45.9oz]
Standard Model Barrel: 185mm [7.28"] rifled
Artillery Model Barrel: 135mm [5.3"] rifled
Other barrel lengts: 230, 240, 250mm
Magazine: 6-chamber cylinder

This model had a steel frame instead of wrought iron of the M1870.
This is the 'original' Montenegrin Model. It differs from the M1870/74 in the design of the ejector, which pivots outward when required, but is usually housed beneath the barrel as an extension of the cylinder axis. This made the gun easier to carry under the belt, customary in Montenegro.

According to some sources, King Nicholas of Montenegro made the ownership of such revolvers mandatory for his male population. The King (also referred to as King Nikita I) had a financial stake in the manufacturers. A crowned 'NI" representing the king is stamped into the top of the receiver as shown
The improved 'Second' Montenegrin Revolver Model M1880 was manufactured after 1880

Montenegrin Gasser-style revolvers were made by numerous small Belgian and Austrian firms, as well as by Leopold Gasser. Belgian marks shown on the picture on the left.

Several Gasser M1870/74 Revolver Variants:

Serials: 90511, 126118, 162553