Manowar's Hungarian Weapons
Kiraly-Danuvia Submachine Guns / Machine Pistols

Király-Danuvia Submachine Gun (Machine Pistol) Model 1943
Király-Danuvia 43.Minta Géppisztoly

Sometimes referred to as the 'Gyárik-Kucher Géppisztoly'

Danuvia 39.M on top

compare to

Danuvia 43.M on bottom

Made by Danuvia Gépgyár, Budapest, 1943-45
Quantity: 8,000 - 62,000 (sources disagree)
Based on manufacturing capacity of FEG, around 40-45,000 was manufactured
Delayed blowback, selective fire
Caliber: 9x25mm Mauser
Muzzle velocity 455 m/sec
Cyclic rate: 700-750 rpm
40-round staggered row foldable/detachable box magazine

952mm [37.5"] overall, 425mm [16.7"] barrel
3.63kg [8 lbs] without the mag, 4.46kg with a loaded mag
Tangent sight graduated 50-600 meters

Shown with stock and magazine folded

Mechanized units found the 39.M too long, so Pál Király and his team, including designers József Kucher and Gyárik, modified it. The new design was submitted in October 1942 and was approved next year as the 43.Minta. The 43.M, is essentially the same as the 39.M, but with a folding metal stock. A pistol grip was added. The ejector was moved from the receiver into the bolt carrier. Wooden strips are installed on both sides of the metal frame/receiver. The magazine of the 43.M is canted slightly forward when in the fixed position as opposed to the straight vertical position of the 39.M magazine, and the barrel of the 43.M is approximately 75mm [3"] shorter than that of the 39.M. The magazines and most other parts of the 39.M and 43.M are not interchangeable. The 43.M was issued with a redesigned sling.
Full blown manufacturing only started in January 1944. In mid-1944 several internal parts were re-designed to simplify manufacturing. The new gun were called 'Sulyzáras' (Weight-lock) 43.M. Existing guns could be easily updated by replacing their bolt assembly.
The 43.M was used by the Military, Gendarmerie, Police and the 'Nyilaskeresztes' [ArrowCross] Party troops. The gun stayed in service until the early 1950's when it was gradually replaced by the PPSh41 and the Kucher K1

The German troops also used some of these submachine guns on the Eastern Front under the designation of MP43(u).

Cartridge dimensions: Case Length: 24.9mm [.980"], Rim Dia.: 9.9mm [.389"], Overall 35mm [1.377"] long, Bullet Wgt: 125gr/8.15g.

An improved prototype designated as Danuvia 44.M was made based on this machine pistol.

This 43.M Submachine Gun was issued with a standard 35.M type Sword bayonet. 480mm overall, 340mm long double edged blade. 15mm dia socket sleeve.