True False
____ ____ A 'clitoris' is a type of flower.
____ ____ A 'pubic hair' is a wild rabbit.
____ ____ A 'spread eagle' is an extinct bird.
____ ____ 'Vagina' is a medical term used to determine heart trouble.
____ ____ A 'menstrual cycle' has three wheels.
____ ____ A 'G-String' is a part of a violin.
____ ____ 'Semen' is another word for sailor.
____ ____ 'Testicles' are found on an octopus.
____ ____ 'Anus' is the Latin word for yearly.
____ ____ 'Asphalt' describes rectal problems.
____ ____ 'Kotex' is a radio station in Bryan, Texas
____ ____ 'Masturbate' is used to catch a large fish.
____ ____ 'Coitus' is a musical instrument.
____ ____ 'Fetus' is a character on Gunsmoke.
____ ____ An 'umbilical cord' is a part of a parachute.
____ ____ A 'condom' is an apartment.
____ ____ An 'orgasm' is the person who accompanies the choir in a church.
____ ____ A 'diaphragm' is a drawing in geometry.
____ ____ A 'dildo' is a variety of sweet pickle.
____ ____ An 'erection' is when people vote for their government officials.
____ ____ A 'lesbian' is a person from the Middle East.
____ ____ 'Sodomy' is a special kind of fast-growing grass.
____ ____ 'Pornography' is the business of making record albums.
____ ____ 'Genitals' are people of non-Jewish origin.
____ ____ 'Douche' is an Italian word for twelve.
____ ____ An 'enema' is someone who isn't your friend.
____ ____ 'Ovaries' are a French egg dish made with cheese.
____ ____ 'Scrotum' is a small planet near Uranus.

Zero 'True' Answers = Expert!
1 - 7 'True' Answers = Let's hope your school grades were better!
8 - 15 'True' Answers = Rent X-rated movies until you get the hang of things!
16 - 28 'True' Answers = Forget about X-rated movies! As a matter of fact, forget about SEX!

Q 7 A

Q. Do you know the similarity between making love in a canoe and drinking lite beer?
A. Fucking close to water!