The other webpages on this website are dedicated to the history of my ancestors. I had over 85 thousand visitors, and none of them provided any negative comments - until now: This website was visited by a Barack Obama fan (I refer to his kind as the Obama Butt Licker - a racist fanatic with an IQ of a slug) and to show his displeasure, he left unwarranted, rude, derogatory and sexually explicit comments about this website and its visitors. This Butt Licker can be visited on this webpage: Obama Butt Licker
Assuming he is unhappy that nobody has a webpage about his ancestry, I decided to return his kindness and did some research about the evolution of his ancestors, military history and weapon development. This Obama Butt Licker should be really proud of what I found:

The Evolution of the Obama Butt Lickers

This photo is worth a thousand words, as Barack Obama's Chief of Staff shows the ancestorial development of the Obama Butt Lickers and explains their evolution by several step-by-step developmental pictures. The final stage of the Obama Butt Lickers', still under development, will be the "Down on 4 legs" position, which is the most convenient position for the quick and efficient Obama buttlicking to be performed at the elevation of 36 inches [914 mm].

The language of the Obama Butt Lickers is called "Bullshit". This language is related to English, it was originally developed by Barack Obama himself, based on previous works by the Clintons. Most sentences in this language start with "Change" or "I promise", followed with any random (often misspelled) words fom the English dictionary.

Most of the Obama Butt Lickers' religious belief is that Barack Obama is the Messiah or God himself and this Messiah (or God) always speaks the truth.
Most of the Obama Butt Lickers' are not aware of money and those who do, think it grows on trees.

Military Weapon Development of the Obama Butt Lickers
Club Model 10000 BC

Type: Manually operated
Length: 1000mm
Max Diameter: 80mm
Weight: 3 kg
Material: Wood (harder than their head)
Effective Range: 2 meters
Over 50 million clubs were manufactured

The proud Obama Butt Licker soldier shown on this photo demonstrates the proper carrying of the weapon. He is wearing the Model 10000 BC uniform.

This appears to be the only weapon (also referred to as WMD) developed by and for the Obama Butt Lickers. These weapons have no markings and may be "accepted" by any idiot. It is a simple to use weapon, the only usage requirement is the minimum of the IQ of 1 (one) slug. Reportedly, Obama Butt Lickers with an IQ lower than a slug were clubbing their own heads.
According to reliable sources, the data of the over 50 million clubs manufactured is false, it is actually much less, maybe around 25 million, because many Obama Butt Lickers registered their single clubs 50 times (and each voted with it 50 times). These weapons were also succesfully utilized to block Non Butt Lickers from voting

This weapon is currently used extensively to beat dead horses named Bush, McCain and Palin. This current action is believed to be performed by the Obama Butt Lickers in order to delay eventual beating of their own heads

Any further development of this weapon has been halted until the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution can be translated into Obama's language. Effective January 20, 2009, all owners of these weapons will be shipped to Afghanistan in order to search and destroy camel dung.

Pictures are courtesy of Michelle "Frogface" Obama.

Here is a webpage with humorous quotes by Obama Butt Lickers - in their own language: More Funny Obama Butt Lickers