Fuck Paypal

Fuck PayPal

After many years of Paypal usage and Paypal earning plenty of undeserved money from their ridiculous fees they sent me the following email on Aug 14, 2020:

Paypal did not reply to any of my online/email/phone inquiries. Note how Paypal promised to refund the money in 180 days.

However, the crooks at Paypal stole my balance out of the account on Dec 29, 2020 without my approval, nor any notice.

Again, Paypal did not reply to any of my online/email/phone inquiries about the alleged 'damages' they suffered.
So this is a warning to everyone: Boycott crooked Paypal! Your money is not safe on Paypal, Paypal can steal it any time!
Use alternative payment methods such as Zelle or CashApp - without the ridiculous Paypal fees.

Additional supporting evidence of Paypal being the worst crooked online company:
Paypal's BBB rating is ONLY 1.06 out of 5 stars! <-------- If the BBB link does not work, click here and type "Paypal" into the "Find" field and "San Jose, CA" into the "Near" field
More people (36,700) were screwed by Paypal
Paypal keeps your cryptocurrency
Paypal was already screwing people in 2011
Dear paypal, fuck you
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