Here is a list of Museums I recommend to visit if you are interested in medieval to modern weapons, military vehicles and history


- Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Arsenal Objekt 1, A-1030 Wien [Very large museum, wide range of military related exhibitions]
- HohenSalzburg Castle, Salzburg [Midsize museum, small arms 1700-1950]


- Royal Museum of the Armed Forces Jubelpark 3, 1000 Brussels [Large Museum, Tue-Sun, 1500-1950]

Czech Rep.

- Military Museum Kraliky Vojenské Muzeum Králíky, Prostrední Lipka 1, 561 69 Králíky [20th Century, 80 Kc]


- Musee De L'Armee, [1200-1950, 9.5EU]


- Bayerisches Armeemuseum, Neues Schloss, Paradeplatz 4, 85049 Ingolstadt [Large Museum, 1300-2000]


- Museum of Military History, Kapisztrán Tér, Budapest [Large museum, wide range of military related exhibitions, 600F]
- Pintér Muvek Museum, 6237 Kecel, II. Rákóczi F. út 171-177 [Large exhibition of military vehicles, Mon-Sun 8-16, 1500F]
- Történeti Tárház - CLOSED, 3300 Eger, Dobó u.9 [Small museum, small arms 2000BC-1900]


- Castello di Miramare, Trieste [Small museum, small arms 1500-1900]
- Castelvecchio Museum, Verona [Small museum, edged weapons 1500-1800]
- History Museum of Infantry Piazza di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 9, Roma, Lazio 00185, [Large Museum, 200BC-1950, Free Mon-Sat]

The Netherlands

- Legermuseum, Korte Geer 1, Delft [Large museum, wide range of military related exhibitions] Or this link


- Imperial War Museum, in London, Manchester & Belfast [5 museums, 20th century]
- National Army Museum, Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4HT [Large museum, 1800-2000, Free]
- Royal Armouries, Leeds, Armouries Drive, Leeds LS10 1LT [Large museum, Free 7-days, 1200-2000]
- REME Museum, Prince Philip Barracks, Lyneham, Chippenham, SN15 4XX


List of Museums in the USA

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