Hungarian Martini Sporting Rifles

Marsovszky Elemér, Budapest

This is an unknown, but interesting target rifle built on a Martini action by the order of Marsovszky Elemér. The rifle was custom built in Germany and imported by Marsovszky, a little known gun retailer in Budapest, Hungary. The receiver was minimally, but nicely engraved, possibly by Marsovszky.

The rifle was built on a 'Swiss Pattern' Martini action. It features an German type adjustable buttplate. It chambers the 7x57mm cartridge.

The receiver shows the manufacturer's proof marks. The Crowned B and Crowned U indicate that it underwent final proof testing as an assembled rifle in Germany

The barrel is serialized to match the receiver. The rifle originally had an integral dovetail mounted rear sight, but now it has scope mounts installed on the octagon shaped barrel.

Barrel engraved with the dealer's name and city.

Pictures and info are courtesy of Otto Nebel. Please, email the author if you have any additional info about this or any similar rifles.