Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher Pistols

Mannlicher Pistol Model 1896

Type: automatic pistol (blowback)
Caliber: 7.6mm
Length overall: 225mm [8.86"]
Barrel: 118mm [4.65"] rifled
Magazine: 6-round charger-loaded internal box

The 1894 pattern, an interesting but mostly experimental design, was replaced by this fixed-barrel blowback with a bolt recoiling in a receiver. A charger-loaded box magazine in front of the trigger guard held six rounds. The lockwork was unusual: the mechanism did not re-cock on recoil, but had to be manually cocked by a hammer extension protruding from the rear of the frame. The true hammer lay inside the receiver, where it struck a slot in the front underside of the firing pin. The M1896 pistol chambered the 7.6mm rimmed M1894 cartridge. Only a handful was made.