Mannlicher (& Mauser) rifles Lion Proofs

There are two types of Lion Proofs can be found on these weapons: Bulgarian and Czech

Bulgarian Lion

Bulgarian Lion on top of the receiver on Bulgarian M95's

Bulgarian Lion Proofs at various locations on Bulgarian M95's
Bulgarian Lions have a single tail, curved like an 'S'
Bulgarian Lions tend to face both directions, right and left.
Link to Bulgarian Mannlichers

Czech Lion

Czech Lion on top of the receiver a Czech VZ.24 Mauser. The shield represents Slovakia
Czech Mannlicher M95's did not have the lion crest
Czech Lions tail Y-splits into two ends
Czech Lions always face to the left.
Link to Czech Mannlichers

Czech Lion Proofs have a letter (like S) left of the Lion and a Number right of the Lion
Picture shows a barrel shank of an M95 with Czech proofs

Several photos courtesy of John Wall from

French Lion

This is the most interesting and unusual Lion. It looks like the Bulgarian Lion, however you can only find these on older French Peugeot cars :-)

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