Austro-Hungarian Kropatschek Rifle M1893

Kropatschek Torpedo Boat Rifle M1893
Kropatschek Torpedo Boats Gewehr M1893

Conversion made by Österreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft, Steyr, 1881-83
Caliber: 8x50R
Turning bolt action, locked by the bolt rib abutting the receiver ahead of the bridge

On October 28, 1893 a Kropatschek rifle was adopted by the Imperial Navy for issue to the crews of torpedo boats. The guns were converted from the trial rifles issued in the early 1880s, which had been in storage for many years. The principal change was a new barrel and chambering the 8x50mm rimmed rifle cartridge.

Surviving M1893 rifles were replaced by Mannlichers after 1900. The Kropatschek action was only marginally strong enough to withstand the pressures generated by smokeless cartridges.