Austro-Hungarian Krnka Pistols

Krnka Pat. 1891 Revolving Magazine Firearm

Type: A unique revolving magazine handgun
Caliber: optional, 6-8 rds.

Designed by Karel Krnka in 1888
US Patent 459,874, Sept 22, 1891

This gun could be loaded either individually directly into the chamber or by the 6-8 round rotating magazine. The spent shell was automatically ejected.
Fig.1 shows the section of the gun with the bolt in its rearmost position. Fig.2 shows the bolt moving forward, loading the upper cartridge of the magazine. Fig.3 shows the bolt at its extreme forward position, while the firing pin is held back by the sear. Fig.4 is the top view of the bolt. Fig.5 is a section through the bolt. Fig.6 is the rear view of the bolt. Fig.7 is the side view of the gun. Fig.8 is the transverse section of the frame. Fig.9 is the right side view. Fig.10, 11 and 12 are sections of the bolt. Fig.13 and 14 are top view showing the extraction. Fig.15-18 are magazine details. Fig.19 shows the trigger lever.
The bolt is operated back & forth by the trigger lever. To lock the bolt it has locking lugs and it is rotated 45 degrees at its firing position.
The revolving magazine utilizes elastic bedding to hold the cartridges (Possibly the weak point of the design.)

Download Krnka Pat.1891 US Patent
Krnka's improved next design was the Krnka M1895 Pistol