Hungarian Weapons - FEG Machine Pistols

FÉG Model KGP-9 Machine Pistol

An original Hungarian designed machine pistol, manufactured by FÉG
KGP = Kis GepPisztoly [Small Machine Pistol]
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum
Length overall: 645mm [25.4"], or 385mm [15.2"] with stock folded
Barrel: 190mm [7.5"] rifled
Weight: unloaded 2700g, loaded 3000g
Magazine: 25-round detachable stick
Rate of Fire: 1100 rounds/min
Muzzle Speed: 390m/s
Max Effective Range: 350m
Sheet metal frame, folding stock, replaceable barrel and select-fire
Used by Police forces since 2000 (TESZ and RKSZ)