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7/9/15 - Captured Italian Bodeo M1889 Revolver
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7/3/15 - Captured Serbian FN 1922 Pistol
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Short History of the Hungarian Weapon Factory FGGY / FÉMARU / FÉG

 1886 - The Hungarian Government decided to build a Military Weapon Factory at 158 Soroksári U, Budapest. It opened on Feb. 24, 1891.
 1891-1919 Fegyver- és Gépgyár Részvénytársaság, Budapest ('F.G.GY.') - [Weapon and Machinery Factory Company, Budapest]
 1919-1946 Fémáru, Fegyver- és Gépgyár Részvénytársaság, Budapest - [Metal Products, Weapon and Machinery Factory Company, Budapest]
 1946 March 6 -1959 Lámpagyár Rt (Lampart Muvek), Budapest - [Lamp Factory (Lampart), Budapest]
 1958 - The 1st known use of the FÉG abbreviation can be found on commercial pistols
 1948-1975 Fémáru és Szerszámgépgyár NV - [Metal Products and Tool Machinery Factory Company] (Used on guns from 1948)
 1975-2003 Fegyver- és Gázkészulékgyár ('FÉG'), Budapest - [Weapon and Gas Appliance Factory, Budapest] (From 1965, by other sources)
 2003-2005 FÉGArmy Fegyvergyártó Kft ('FÉG'), Budapest - [FÉGArmy Weapon Manufacturing Company, Budapest]
 2005  FÉGArmy declared bankruptcy due to new firearm exportation ban laws. See photo below.

US. govt. BATF C&R Regulations

Collectors in the US: If you buy at least one (1) collectible (50 years+ old) gun a year, you should seriously consider obtaining a Collector of Curios & Relics (C&R) License. Also called 'Type 03 FFL'. This allows you to buy/receive collectible guns directly, without going through a transfer dealer. This saves you at least a $20 dealer fee per transaction. The license will cost you $10 per year. More info:

Curios & Relics regulations
Request C&R Application Form 5310.16 7CR
Curios & Relics License FAQ
Or call BATF at 404-417-2750 or 866-662-2750

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