Austro-Hungarian Gasser-Kropatschek Revolvers

Gasser-Kropatschek M1876 Officer's Revolver

Made by Leopold Gasser, Wien
Type: open-frame revolver
Caliber: 9x26Rmm Gasser-Kropatschek
Length overall: 9.21" (235mm)
Weight unladen: 27.2oz (770g)
Barrel: 116mm [4.57"] rifled
Magazine: 6-chamber cylinder
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This model was smaller than the standard patterns. It was a redesign of the Gasser M1870 Revolver instigated by Alfred Kropatschek, the changes being principally a matter of reducing weight by reducing the caliber to 9mm. The title 'Montenegrin Gasser' covers a variety of six-chamber large caliber revolvers. They originally appeared as open-frame models, similar to the M1870 and usually in 11mm nominal (11.2mm actual) calibers. Single and double-action locks were used, grips were often in ivory or bone, engraving and gold inlay work was common, and the predominant impression was one of weight and bulk.

Later models offered hinged-frame construction, with Galand cylinder locks and a self-extracting mechanism. Most are marked 'Guss Stahl', 'Kaiser's Patent' and similar phrases. Genuine Gasser products are marked 'L. GASSER PATENT WIEN' or 'L. GASSER OTTAKRING PATENT', and often carry the Gasser trademark of a heart pierced by an arrow. Gasser also produced revolvers for the commercial market. The Gasser-Kropatschek, for example, appeared with fluted cylinders instead of the smooth-surfaced military pattern. He also produced the 9mm 'Post & Police' solid frame non-ejecting double-action revolver, with a hexagonal barrel. A commercial version of this gun was also made, generally offering better finish. There was also a commercial version of the open-frame M1874 in 9mm, and a 9mm hinged frame self-extracting model with the Galand double-action lock.