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Frommer Model 1901 Pistol

About 200 pistols manufactured by Fegyver és Gépgyár R.T, Budapest, Hungary, 1901-05
Marked 'Fegyvergyár' or 'F.G.GY'
Type: recoil operated automatic pistol
Calibers: 8mm Roth, 7.65 Frommer, 9mm Frommer
Length overall: 180mm [7.09"]
Barrel: 100mm [3.94"] rifled
Weight unladen: 650g [22.9oz]
Magazine: 10-round charger-loaded internal box

The first Rudolf Frommer design patented in 1901, appeared in 1903. It was entered for various military trials in Austria, Sweden, Great Britain, Spain, USA, without success and was later redesigned and marketed as the Frommer M1906. The long thin barrel protrudes from a combined frame and receiver. A lengthy barrel jacket, forming part of the receiver, supports the barrel during recoil. The true barrel protrudes only about 25mm [1"] at the muzzle. The pistol was originally chambered for the 8mm Roth cartridge, which later became the 8mm M.7 Roth-Steyr. A rotating bolt-lock was employed, controlled by long recoil, and an external hammer was fitted. The 10-round magazine, charger-loaded through the top of the open action, was integral with the butt. Extremely rare pistol, only 200 was manufactured.

In 1903 at the Swedish military pistol trials the 9mm Frommer M1901 outperformed its competitors in most categories, but it was rejected in favour of the Browning only because the Frommer did not have a removable magazine.

Estimated serial number range: 1 - 200
Known serial: 35

Frommer M1901 US Patent 802279