Hungarian Weapons - Fémáru FÉG Pistols

FÉG SMC-22 Pistol

A Walther PPK type aluminum-titanium alloy frame pistol
At least 3300 were manufactured by Fegyver és Gázkészülékgyár ('FÉG'), Budapest, cca 1986-2000
Caliber: .22 LR
165mm [6.5"] long, 86mm [3.4"] long barrel
8-rd magazine
Unloaded weight: 540g, loaded: 600g

Design improvements of the Walther PPK by FÉG enginers.

The SMC-22 is the export version of the Hungarian FÉG APK9 Pistol, chambering .22 LR upon request by the US importer.

The SMC-22 was manufactured with a black anodized Titanium-Aluminium alloy frame and a blued steel slide. At least some of the pistols were sold with 2 left grips, one plain, the other with a thumbrest.

Imported by KBI Inc, Harrisburg, PA, cca 1986-2000.

The legend next to the FEG logo: 'Mod. SMC-22 Made in Hungary'
The SMC model designation is the initials of sales manager of the importer.

The circled 'M' and the heart-shape circled 'I' are standard Hungarian FEG inspection marks.

Serial numbering: a 'B' prefix followed by 5 digits. Known range: B00001 - B03217. Please report serials outside of this range.