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FÉG PPH Export Pistol

A Walther PPK type Aluminum-Titanium frame pistol
About 9000 were manufactured by Fegyver és Gázkészülékgyár ('FÉG'), Budapest, 1985-86
Caliber: .380acp = 9mm Kurz (9mm Browning Short)
Length overall: 177mm, Height overall: 119mm, Width overall: 35mm
Barrel length: 100mm, Rifling pitch: 250mm, Rifling: RH, 6 grooves
Sight radius: 126mm
Weight with empty magazine: 600g, with loaded magazine: 660g
Magazine capacity: 7 rounds

This is the .380acp version of the PA-63 Hungarian Military Pistol, intended for export purposes. The original PA-63 was the official Hungarian Army sidearm from 1963 until 1996, chambered for the 9x18mm Makarov cartridge.

Stamps behind trigger: the Shield-N is a Nitro Proof (pressure testing).
The pressure testing was done by an independent government "agency", but at FÉG's location.
A typical Pressure Testing Certificate, which was originally supplied with the pistol.
The 86 is the date of inspection. (85 and 86 dates were reported)
The circled M is common on Fég-made guns, it is most likely Fég's internal inspection stamp, possibly for "Minőségi ellenőrzés".
The circled I is added at the pre-assembly inspection of major components.

This pistol is rare. The only known samples were imported to the USA by Interarms Imports, Virginia in 1986. The "Interarms Alexandria Virginia" legend is on the right side of the slide, appears to be added by FÉG, not the usual import stamp by the importer. This indicates that this pistol was part of the most likely one-time direct order by Interarms. The FÉG PPH and the FÉG R9 are the only known FÉG firearms which carry the "HUNGARIAN ARMS WORKS" legend.

The original magazines are marked "PPH Cal .380ACP" and the holes on the magazine are numbered up to 7

English Disassembly Manual for the PA-63 which is nearly identical.

Design improvements of the Walther PPK by FÉG.

Reported serial numbers range: N00359 - N09029
Please report serials outside of this range

Photos courtesy of Anthony Ball