Hungarian Weapons - FegArmy FEG Pistols

FÉG Model P9 Pistol
Parabellum 9mm Pisztoly

Type: recoil operated automatic pistol
Designed and manufactured by Fémáru- és Szerszámgépgyár NV, Budapest, 1971-75
Manufactured at the renamed factory, Fegyver- és Gázkészulékgyár ('FÉG'), Budapest, 1975-2003
Manufactured by FegArmy Kft, Budapest, 2003-2005
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum
Length overall: 198mm [7.80"]
Barrel: 118mm [4.65"] 6-rifle rh
Weight: unloaded: 910g, loaded: 1070g
Magazine: 13-round double-row detachable box

Fémáru engineers received an order in 1971 to develop a new high capacity high power FN Browning style pistol chambered for the 9mm Parabellum. The pistol was called 'P9'. The pistol features: slide-mounted safety catch, safety on the steel frame, barrel is hard-chromed inside and outside.

The barrel latching in the slide is done via three latching ribs. The pistol is equipped with an external hammer with a safety rest to avoid accidental discharge. The pistol has a magazine latching feature. The pistol with a cocked hammer and a round in the chamber can be safely latched by pushing up the manual safety.

A pistol with an adjustable rear sight was also offered as Model P9C (Capitan).

The pistol was also marketed commercially as the Mauser SA 80. through Germany