Hungarian Weapons - FegArmy FEG Pistols

FÉG Model GKK-92C Pistol

Type: recoil operated steel frame automatic pistol
Approx 8000 manufactured by FegArmy Kft, Budapest, cca 1992-2005
Chambering: 9x19mm Parabellum
Length overall: 197mm [7.8"]
Barrel: 106mm [4.2"] 6-rifle rh
Weight: unloaded: 1080g, loaded: 1250g
Magazine: 14-round double-row detachable box

Same as the Hungarian FÉG Model ACK, but in 9x19mm caliber, manufactured for export under 'Model GKK-92C'
Imported by Michael Kassnar of KBI, Inc, Harrisburg PA.
All serial numbers observed have a 'K' prefix and a 5-digit serial, all under 08000
Serial numbers range reported: K04083 - K07963

The FEG logo and the legend 'Mod. GKK-92C Made in Hungary' on the slide.
The 'GKK' designation was given to the pistol by Kassnar, the importer, using the initials of his daughter.

Some of these pistols featured an adjustable rear sight

The revolving type firing mechanism, flying firing pin and the rotating safety latch are incorporated into the slide. The barrel latching in the slide is done via three latching ribs. The pistol is equipped with an external hammer with a safety rest to avoid accidental discharge. The revolving type firing mechanism and the external hammer make it possible to fire the first shot directly by pulling the trigger with a round in the chamber, while the gun is unlatched with the released hammer. The hammer may be cocked with the thumb also. The revolving safety mechanism in the slide allows safe loading the latched pistol.

This is not a Browning Hi Power clone. It slightly resembles the S&W M59, but none of the parts are interchangeable.