Manowar's Hungarian Weapons - Kalashnikov AK-47 Variants

Kalashnikov AMD-65 Machine Carbine
7,62mm AMD-65 Gépkarabély

Made by Fémárú- Fegyver- és Gépgyár (FÉG), Budapest, 1966-1980?
Gas operated, Selective fire
Caliber 7.62x39mm, 30rd staggered row detachable box magazine
Tangent sight graduated 100-800/1000 meters.
Muzzle velocity 731 m/sec.
Overall length 847mm, Folded length 648mm, Barrel length 317mm
Empty weight 3.21kg

Adopted in 1966, the AMD-65 was a shortened (by 98mm, 3.86") derivative of the AKM 63 with a simple folding tubular butt and rubber butt plate. The butt could be folded by pressing a slotted head catch under the receiver behind the rear pistol grip. The short barrel had a distinctive large two-port muzzle break/compensator. The early wooden pistol grips shown at the bottom of this page were replaced later with grayish-green plastic ones shown above. Serial numbers appeared on the left side of the receiver, and selectors, were marked in their customary Hungarian manner. The serial numbers consist of 2 letters and 4 numbers.

Some guns were subsequently converted for grenade launching, (see picture of Model BG-15 40mm grenade launcher on the AMP-69, acquiring a launcher on the muzzle, a special optical sight above the receiver on a mounting plate, and a shock-absorbing tubular butt. The max. firing range is 420m (1375 ft). The special grenade launching ammo is gray marked.

A silencer can be attached to the threaded barrel end, which must be used with a reduced power (subsonic) ammunition, marked green & black. The gun's accuracy is greatly diminished using this ammo.

Around 2005 a small number of semi-automatic only conversions were sold in the USA with newly manufactured receivers for civilian use. This conversion by importer Century Arms included a 50mm [2"] longer barrel to comply with US laws, as shown below.
Semiauto conversions by others (such as TGI) retained the original barrels with permanently pinned longer muzzle breaks to reach the 16" minimum barrel length. Some of these conversion received the 'SA2000M' model designation.
The 'SA2000M' designation was also used on conversions to special single column 10 round magazines (circa 2000) to comply with ridiculous California Laws.
This example features the early AMD-65 wooden grips